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We want to live in URBAN PARADISE. There's been a lot of damage done, so it will take work and creativity.

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The Mission of the Urban Paradise Guild

Our mission is to re-create native habitats in the Urban areas of Miami-Dade County, and to promote sustainable models for healthy living that safeguard, enhance and integrate the human and natural worlds for the benefit of both. Urban gardening and fruit trees are examples of the plant habitats that sustain humans. We do this too, because how can a place be Urban Paradise without great fruits & vegetables?

8 Locations & Chapters

5 Nurseries

7 Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

0 Excuses

UPG now has Locations & Chapters in 7 Locations; 4 have Nurseries: * Oleta River State Park (Nursery) * Hialeah * El Portal (Nursery) * Liberty City (Nursery) * Vizcaya M-D County (Nursery) * Matheson Hammock M-D County Park * Montgomery Botanical Center (Nursery) We currently offer at least 16 Volunteer Opportunities every month, with one or two almost every weekend. When you invest just 3 hours per month at one of these Locations or Chapters, you become part of the solution. UPG also needs Team Leaders, Managers and Specialists! Click the "Become a Volunteer" button, select a Volunteer Opportunity, and get started THIS WEEKEND! Families are welcome.

We believe that if Mother Nature is given a little help

the Urban areas we live in can become Paradise again. She will repay us with a bounty of human health, and in recreational and economic opportunity. The habitat we create is an investment in the places we where we live - and much more. It also addresses global problems such as Sea-Level Rise, Fisheries Collapse, and Global Warming at the same time. The benefits of Urban-grown food go far beyond taste and nutrition for the consumer. It fights Climate Change directly in two critical ways: Minimal Transportation, and most importantly (when grown organically), it stops the pollution caused by chemical farming. South Florida is more at risk to the combined effects of Hurricanes and Sea-Level Rise than any metropolitan area on the Earth. Failure is not an option for Miami-Dade. Let's invite an environment like the Keys and the Bahamas back into our Bay, and butterflies into our yards and balconies at work and at home. It isn't all work - we play a lot too. There are a thousand ways to enjoy the environments of South Florida - and a thousand reasons to take care of it.

Restoration Workouts

They're good for Mother Nature and all her children. Come out, get a workout, and help the environment too. Our work maintains our personal health while it and heals environmental damage. Activities include planting of mangroves, upland trees and butterfly gardens, nursery work, education, stewardship, and especially recreation. Volunteers are invited to cook-outs, camp-outs, fishing trips and other fun. So click the button, and

Become a volunteer

and help make your world a better place. Welcome, friends, to

Urban Paradise Guild

Sam Van Leer, Executive Director

"Creating a Sustainable Paradise in South Florida, one Habitat at a time!"

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